Wayne Cina, MS, Marriage and Family Counseling

Intuitve Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

 Intuition is defined as “The ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Intuition is an ability that each of us is born with. But in a world/culture that values the intellect over our natural ability to deeply “feel into” a situation, we have become disconnected from – or at least have experienced a decreased ability to trust – our innate intelligence.

As a result, many of us have been cut off from our sense of self. Our intuition emanates from our vital energy (often referred to as Chi, or Chakra Energy)  that acts as an antenna to the cosmos connecting our higher self/soul to this higher consciousness, cosmos, or God, depending on your belief system.

Therapy, or better yet – healing – has three basic components, mind, body, spirit. As mentioned earlier, in a culture that has over-emphasized the intellect over our innate intelligence of intuition, we have become stuck in a loop of dependence. This is also reflected in our institutions, including our mental health providers and practices. As a result, our society has become more and more outwardly-focused, whereas the most profound healing occurs when we shift our focus inward once again, tending to our bodies, our minds and our inner spirit.

Therapies alone cannot get a person there, but therapy can be something that helps a person to either find or further their life path and purpose.

All who choose to be a helper of others need to be engaged in a lifestyle that reflects what they are offering to others. The more I learn, the more humbled I become. There is always more to learn… and, as the saying goes, it is not a trip to a destination, it is a journey.

Where is your journey headed?

My approach is respectful of my client’s natural intuitive state, and integrates two main components:

  • A Deeper Understanding of the Past – First, I help you deepen their understanding and more clearly interpret family dynamics and identify traumatic or challenging past events.
  • A Greater Awareness of the Present – I gently, and within a safe therapeutic environment, encourage you to become more fully aware of your feelings, thoughts and overall experience in the present moment.

The combination of greater external and internal awareness provides more conscious freedom of choice in our lives.

When I work with Couples and Families
(also known as Marriage Counseling)

Couples and families often don’t understand why they are having difficulty, and I can help identify and deepen your understanding of the dynamics that are troubling you.

We then work together to establish the communication techniques necessary to strengthen the loving ties between the couple or family members.

It requires time, patience, understanding and learned communication techniques to work through most relationship or family issues.

My Methods

My extensive training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) has helped many of my clients recognize the ways in which they can become encumbered by the patterns triggered by family or past events, and how these patterns can affect the present moment. This video by Bruce Hersey,helps explain the power of Internal Family Systems work in simple terms.

Another modality that I employ is called Family Constellations. This is an experiential approach that can create a subtle, gentle shift in your relationships and perceptions of events.